Walnut CA Dentist for Whiter Teeth and Younger Look

Dr. Marin’s 10 tips for a younger looking bright smile (#3 and #4)

tooth whiten gum disease covina ca#3 – Avoid bad habits like:
Biting your fingernails, removing pins, staples or tags, biting pen caps or toothpicks, opening packages with your teeth, playing with tongue-rings or lip piercings.

#4 – Ask your Dentist if you’re a good candidate for tooth whitening:
Don’t use any whitening products until you’re sure you have no tooth decay, gum disease or receding gums. Tooth restorations will not change with whitening products.


If you have questions about Tooth Whitening and Gum Disease, call or office in West Covina at 626.810.9600 or visit our website.



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