Covina, El Monte, La Puente Dentist. Whiten Teeth, Bright Smile.

 Dr. Marin’s 10 tips for a younger looking bright smile (#1 and #2)

Dentist Dental La Puente Arcadia ElMonte1. Wait at least 15 minutes to brush after a meal – that’s right! That’s how long it takes for saliva to wash away acids from food and replenish your teeth with minerals. That way you’ll prevent brushing away eroded enamel on the surface of the tooth.

2. Replace broken-down or discolored fillings and restorations it is well known that people associate discolored, worn teeth with older age. Among other things, people with discolored teeth are perceived to have a lower iq and a low socio-economical status.

To Whiten Teeth for a Bright Smile, call our Covina Dental Office at (626) 810-5000, or visit our website.



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