With the current fluctuating economic environment and the elevated costs of dental treatment people are looking for ways to cut down on certain expenses. Not surprisingly, the growing trend of health-tourism has caught the attention of many people looking to get their teeth fixed. Every day more and more people are getting cosmetic surgery, medical procedures and dental work that they could not afford otherwise. The idea sounds quite tempting. A person can cover the whole treatment plus travel expenses with a fraction of the budget for their treatment in the US. Great deal, right?. Well, not quite. Although certain dental procedures can be completed in one or two visits, dental treatment requires careful X ray evaluation, multiple visits to confirm good fit of the restorative work and follow up visits for adjustments. In fact, sometimes it is better to wait and see how the gum tissues respond before putting any work on the teeth. Foreign dental offices understand that time is limited and if pressured, will provide the patient with a less-than-adequate dental restoration. We’re all for trying to find ways to reduce costs on patient’s treatment, and if going abroad is the only viable option you have, by all means, go for it. But you have to do some research, sometimes personal references are not enough. And if the office is truly interested in your wellbeing, they will be the first ones to mention that large restorative treatment cannot be completed in a two week period, or that you will probably have to travel back more than once. Expediting dental services will only result in failure of the restorative work and increased treatment costs. Remember that is always less expensive to do it right the first time than having to do it twice.

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